Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Upcoming Symposium: Acoustics and Music of British Prehistory (Cambridge)

19 JUNE 2009

The Acoustics and Music of British Prehistory is an interdisciplinary research cluster funded by the AHRC/EPSRC as part of the Science and Heritage programme. It aims to explore the intersections of music, archaeology, sound, acoustics, heritage, culture, modelling, VR, anthropology, ritual and other related topics, focusing on prehistory and British sites. It focuses (although not exclusively) on three main types of sites, open sites (such as landscapes or henges), semi-enclosed sites (such as stone circles) and enclosed sites (such as chamber tombs). Bringing together leading researchers in the field, the first public symposium is free and held in Cambridge. It aims to encourage listening as well as looking, and to explore this fascinating subject with rigour and depth.

Pippard Lecture theatre, Cavendish Laboratory
J. J. Thomson Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0HE

Those arriving by car can park on Clerk Maxwell Road and walk to the main building, or they can use the Madingley Road Park & Ride. The #4 bus from the park & ride stops directly in front of the Cavendish. Unfortunately on-site parking will not be available.

10am Arrival and Coffee
10:30 Presentations by Ian Cross - Lithophonics in Prehistory, University of Cambridge

Aaron Watson

Paul Devereux - Natural Sound Behaviour in Archaeological Contexts

Graeme Lawson - Evidenced Acoustical Behaviours and Acoustical Space: Re-integrating Sound-tools and Landscapes in Ancient Acoustics

Seb Jouan - Arup Acoustics Glasgow

Gry Baelum Nielsen - Odeon Software and Acoustics of Roman Theatres and Odea

Sarah May - English Heritage - Reverence and a Noisy Experiment at Silbury Hill

12.45 – 1.45 Lunch

1.45 - Arnd Adje Both - Chair of the ICTM Study Group for Music Archaeology

Research Questions in the Acoustics and Music of Prehistory: A Synthesis.

2.30 – Research Question Discussion

3.30 - 4.30 Round Table Discussion

4.30 Finish

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