Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Job Posting: MacOS X User Interface Developer (IRCAM)


IRCAM is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to musical production, R&D and education in acoustics and music. The organization is located in the center of Paris (France), next to the Pompidou Center. It hosts composers, researchers and students from many countries cooperating in contemporary music production, scientific and applied research. The main topics addressed in its R&D departement are acoustics, psychoacoustics, audio synthesis and processing, computer aided composition, user interfaces, real time systems. Detailed activities of IRCAM and its groups are presented on our WWW server, http://www.ircam.fr/recherche.html

The developpement position is immediately available in the analysis/synthesis team. The analysis/synthesis team is researching and developing new and advanced algorithms for sound signal analysis, synthesis and transformation.

A full time position for the development of user interfaces for state of the art signal processing algorithms. The main target application is AudioSculpt (http://forumnet.ircam.fr/691.html) a graphical user interface for command line applications and signal processing libraries. The main task is the design and implementation of the user interfaces that provide ergonomic and intuitive access to state of the signal processing algorithms that are developed by the researchers of the team. The responsibilities include the communication with the user base at IRCAM and in the IRCAM Forum, the creative design of new approaches to sound manipulation and the integration of user feedback.

The target environment of the application is Mac OS X and the programming languages are C/C++ and objective-C.

The candidate will perform the following tasks:
o design, implement and continually improve the graphical user interface for the signal processing algorithms
o integrate new algorithms into AudioSculpt and implement a new kernel interface
o continue the modernization of the internal code base
o communicate with users, propose creative solutions for sound design problems
o ensure communication with the researchers and Phd students and implement 
o set up automated testing procedures
o participate in the long term software planning process
o prepare software releases

o Excellent knowledge of C++ and Objective C programming language.
o Excellent skills and several years of experience as MacOSX developer including graphical interfaces.
o Experience with design of user interfaces.
o Experience with STL.
o Basic understanding of digital signal processing algorithms.
o Interest for music.
o High productivity, methodical and autonomous work, creativity, good communication skills, and excellent programming style.
o knowledge of Max/MSP is desirable

 - The position is available in the "Analysis/Synthesis" team in the R&D department starting as soon as possible.

The initial contract is for 1 year, an extension is intended.

IRCAM is located in the center of Paris, next to theBthe George Pompidou Museum for Modern Art at 1, pl. Igor-Stravinsky, 75004 Paris, France

- In order to start immediately, the candidate should preferably have EECBcitizenship or already own valid EEC working papers.

- According to background and experience.

- Please send your resume with qualifications and other pertinent information preferably by email to: Xavier.Rodet@ircam.fr (Xavier Rodet, head of the analysis synthesis team) and Axel.Roebel@ircam.fr

or by fax at: (33 1) 44 78 15 40, to Xavier Rodet

or by surface mail to: Xavier Rodet, Axel Roebel, IRCAM, 1 Place Stravinsky, 75004 Paris.

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