Friday, 25 January 2013

2013 a new year to launch a new blog

Hi all, After starting this experiment back in 2008 to learn about blogging and other Web 2.0 tools I've decided to take the next step and migrate to the Wordpress platform. The landscape has changed dramatically from the time I initially launched this blog. RSS was created a little earlier and its role along with other ICTs and how they interconnect with research methodologies has evolved further. Some of what I was promoting at the time was because of a 'hole' or niche that was unfilled but as more researchers and societies adopted the technologies, there was less need for this and has now been superseded. I now plan to re-focus those efforts in a more concentrated manner and will still leave this content up as with all things digital---they never truly go away. Whether they are cached, downloaded or 'Read it later' (i.e. read offline) like the software (, digital content will exist somewhere and I'll always keep abreast of the technologies and promote those resources that I think have an academic angle for information retrieval and digital research. It's just going to be at a different location. I'm almost finished migrating the content I wanted to keep and will be launching it at See you there or across the ether. Thanks, ~Colin
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