Monday, 4 May 2009

CFP: International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (journal)


The International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (IJPADM) is seeking contributions to a special issue that will engage specifically scenographic thinking about technologies in performance.

Taking scenography to mean the materiality of performance – the sum total of the performance space, scenery, costume, lighting, sound, video, and so on – we want to address scenography and its associated practices in relation to digital media. The widespread adoption of digital media across the field of performance arts has proposed alternative materialities that have sometimes radically disrupted existing scenographic practices, and sometimes perpetuated established practices through new means. New possibilities have brought new ways of thinking and doing, and new goals.

Previous scholarly accounts of these developments have only occasionally acknowledged scenographic practices as such, so we want now to engage specifically with digital media from a scenographic perspective, including their use as scenographic materials and the challenge that they have presented to the working practices of (amongst others) set, costume, lighting, sound and video designers. The Scenography special edition aims to generate ‘scenographic thinking’ by taking the physical materials of performance, and the performance-makers who manipulate them, as a starting point in approaching the use of digital media in live performance.

IJPADM is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal drawing contributions from a wide range of researchers and practitioners who are placed at the rapidly developing interface of new technologies with performance arts. Within the journal’s overall remit and the above agenda, themes for contributions to the Scenography special edition might include, but are not limited to:

*Specific uses of digital media in performance scenography
*The impact of new media on traditional scenographic practices
*Changing ways of working and collaborating
*The intersection between ‘mainstream’ and ‘avant-garde’ scenographic practices
*The relationship between the academy and professional scenographic practice
*The scenographic as a critical ‘point of view’ from which to observe digital performance
*Digital media and the scenographic as a mode of enquiry into performance
*Digital tools in the scenographer’s process.

All papers must be submitted by 1st November 2009.

Intended publication date: April/May 2010.

Details for submissions and notes for contributors can be found at:

All papers are to be submitted to Nick Hunt, Guest Editor.

General enquiries can be addressed to Dave Collins, Editor.

Nick Hunt
Head of School: Design, Management and Technical Arts
Rose Bruford College
Lamorbey Park
Burnt Oak Lane
DA15 9DF
020 8308 2650
nick.hunt [at]

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