Tuesday, 5 May 2009

CFP: Musical Perspectives (journals)


The premiere issue of /Musical Perspectives/, a space presenting systematic research and perspectives on music performance, is now available online at www.musicalperspectives.com. Materials are available online, as individual downloads, and as a complete issue.

*About /Musical Perspectives/
Music performance is not so narrowly defined as to be simply a concert or a recital. It is an experience, encompassing teaching and learning, analysis and critique, and the combined experiences of those who interact in diverse ways with the processes and products of making
music. /Musical Perspectives /represents the merging of the aural and literate traditions that define and characterize music performance and those who study, teach, create, and critique it. It offers a space for the dissemination of research and embraces the aural traditions of sharing experience, opinion, and musical performances.

/Musical Perspectives/ is currently accepting submissions for its second issue, to be published this fall. The deadline for submissions is Friday September 4. Please see the site for specific submission information.

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