Monday, 6 July 2009

CFP: Teaching Music History Day 2009 (Edinboro Univ, PA)

12 SEPTEMBER 2009, 8.00 - 17.00

The Pedagogy Study Group of the American Musicological Society, the Midwest Chapter of the AMS, and Edinboro University announce the sixth Teaching Music History Day, to be held Saturday, September 12, 2009. Teaching Music History Day is a forum for exchanging ideas on effective teaching, and is open to all who have an interest in teaching music history. We extend a special invitation to those whose primary discipline lies outside of musicology who teach music history, music appreciation, or related courses.

Call for Presentations
As the universe of what might be included in a music history course continues to expand, so does the challenge of charting a student’s exploration of that universe. What constitutes a representative sample of our musical world, if that is even possible? Should we neglect one quadrant in favor of another? For example, what should music students know about popular music idioms and their interface with other music? Does it make sense to scale back coverage of some of the canonic periods to make more time for popular music, new music, “world” music, or other areas? Most importantly, what are the goals and objectives of teaching music history that should determine such decisions? Similarly, the rise of new media and online pedagogical tools constitute new maps and new vehicles for exploration. With their focus on the Western canon, are music history textbooks the most relevant and effective tools? How can teachers employ blogs, wikis, and other Web 2.0 applications to help students create their own map of the musical universe?

The program committee (Matt Baumer, Daniel Burdick, Mary Paquette-Abt, Colin Roust, and Pamela Starr) welcomes papers, presentations, or teaching demonstrations that focus on these critical questions or new technologies. Please submit a brief 250-word abstract in the body of an email to mbaumer at describing the question you wish to address and the mode of presentation. The deadline for submissions is July 24, 2009. Accepted proposers will be notified no later than August 15.

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Janice said...

Thanks for posting info about this event. It's a worthwile endeavor to hold a forum for exchanging ideas on effective teaching, especially in the context new media.

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