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CFP: Popular Dance and Music Matters (University of Surrey)

21 NOVEMBER 2009

Presented by the Department of Dance Studies and The Department of Music and Sound Recording at University of Surrey in collaboration with The Society for Dance research

Building on the rich dialogue and breadth of expertise that informed the 2007 and 2008 Popular Dance and Music Matters Symposia, we are pleased to launch our third international symposium. For this forthcoming symposium we have decided to concentrate presentations around four broad themes that speak to key issues and debates raised at the two previous symposia:

Re-imagining popular forms in their local and global circulation
Mediations of the popular through new and extant technologies
Spectacle and performativity in expressions of the popular
Revisiting methodology through the dance-music interface

The symposium committee welcomes proposals from scholars and practitioners engaged in examining the practices and products of popular dance and music. In addition to those researching within the fields of dance studies and popular music, we are interested in presentations located in other disciplinary areas such as sociology, cultural studies, social history and media studies.

7th August 2009

Symposium Committee: Sherril Dodds, Patricia Schmidt, Joanna Hall, Tim Hughes
Guidelines for Proposals

1. Format

Presentations may take the forms of papers or lecture-demonstrations
Presentations should not exceed 20 minutes in length

2. Abstracts

An abstract of 300 words that outlines the research area and key issues within a clearly articulated methodology is required
An indicative bibliography of 4-5 key texts should be included
The name of the speaker and the title of the paper should also be enclosed on a separate sheet of paper as the abstracts will be blind reviewed
Please also note on the title page which of the four themes listed in the Call for Papers your presentation will relate to.

3. Further information

If speakers intend to present a lecture-demonstration, please indicate what your space requirements might be for this
Please identify any AVS equipment that you might need for the presentation: Video/DVD playback, data projector, OHP

3. How to apply

Please send the following information by 7 th August 2009:

Abstract (including title)
Name, title of paper, conference theme on a separate sheet of paper
Contact name, address and telephone number
AVS needs

Please send the above information either by e-mail or in hard copy to:
Dr Sherril Dodds, Popular Dance and Music Matters: Symposium, Department of Dance, Film and Theatre, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, GU7 7XH. S.Dodds [at]surrey.ac.uk

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