Friday, 3 July 2009

CFP: Kleinkunst 2 (CSSD)

30 NOVEMBER 2009

Papers, performances and critical debate on “low art” short performances in variety shows, vaudeville, cabaret, burlesque and other neo and hybrid forms at The Roundhouse, London on Monday 30 November 2009.

Following the success of Kleinkunst held on 21 April 2009 at the Roundhouse Theatre, The Central School of Speech and Drama’s Centre for Excellence in Training for Theatre, in association with the Roundhouse Theatre, will present Kleinkunst 2 to continue our critical thinking in this field.

These events have come from an identified need to reconsider, produce discourses and contextualise the growing popular emergence of the various types of “low art”/short performances that take place in bars, clubs, festivals and other subcultural spaces across the UK. Such performance art practice draws on camp and other aesthetics, and aims to satirise, parody, steal, borrow, twist and subvert other genres of performance art practice for its own raucous, comic, edgy and controversial ends.

Set out in cabaret style, the audience will enter into a fantastically designed atmosphere that looks to picture the underworld of Kleinkunst. Audience members will be offered table service and are invited to get involved in discussion.

Please send in 200 to 400 word synopsises for papers / performance-papers (for 10-12 min presentations) to the CETT Office: by 1 September 2009. Please put Kleinkunst 2 Proposal in subject box.

Kleinkunst 3 will take place in April / May 2010 and will focus specifically on circus, freak-show, fairground shows as its theme. We are accepting proposals for this event as well, so please also send to the above email address also by 7 September 2009. Please put KleinKunst 3 Proposal in subject box.

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