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CFP: The Musician’s Act of Creation (Ghent, Belgium)

23 - 24 APRIL 2009

Seminar on The Musician’s Act of Creation – Orpheus Research Centre in Music
Korte Meer 12 ,9000 Ghent, Belgium

Although creativity of some kind is present in even the most mundane situations (such as shopping, cooking, plumbing ...), more sophisticated expressions of it are often associated with the fields of art and literature. Within these fields, creativity has acquired the status of an enigmatic, unknowable process that ultimately leads to innovation and creation of valuable works of art.

The TWO-DAY INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR on the MUSICIAN'S ACT OF CREATION is organised by the ORPHEUS RESEARCH CENTRE in MUSIC. The seminar has the aim to map musical creativity as a space having its own set of characteristics within a broader and more general field of creativity. We will zoom in on moments of musical creation, invention, discovery, conception, constructs, imagination, etc. 

Particular interests include: -the different modes of creative expression in music (ranging from interpretation to composition and improvisation) -creative strategies in musical practice (innovative strategies but also the documentation and elucidation of historical ones) -creativity as a tool in artistic research projects (research as an ‘original’ contribution to knowledge and understanding) -different fields of creative action in music (sound, body, form, etc.) -artistic projects that focus on creativity as a field of action. 

Themes relating to all aspects of the seminar topic are welcome. Deadline for PROPOSALS is MARCH 6, 2009 
Download the call for presentations through Orpheus Institute’s website: 

The seminar will be relevant for scholar-musicians and graduate students working in all areas of research linked to musical practice. The seminar takes place at Orpheus Institute Ghent, Belgium and starts on Thursday April 23, 2009 12h, and closes on Friday April 24, 2009 16h. 

REGISTRATION as a participant is possible until APRIL 16, 2009 
Registration fee: €50 
Full-time Students: €25 
The fee includes morning and afternoon teas, Thursday seminar dinner, Friday lunch and a seminar satchel.  Note: presenters do not pay the admission fee! 

Participants should arrange their own travel arrangements and accommodation. 

Register or send us your proposal through 
For practical information concerning this seminar you may contact the Orpheus Institute’s Activities & Communication Manager: 

Organising Committee Kathleen Coessens, Darla Crispin, Hendrik Vanden Abeele and Joost Vanmaele Orpheus Research Centre in Music (ORCiM) 
Orpheus Institute 
Korte Meer 12 
B-9000 Ghent Belgium +32 9 330 40 81 

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