Thursday, 29 January 2009

CFP: First International Conference on Irish Music and Musicians (Durham)

12 - 15 JULY 2010

From Monday 12 July to Thursday 15 July 2010, the Music Department at the University of Durham in Great Britain will host the First International Conference on Irish Music and Musicians. 

Over last two decades there has been a steady growth of scholarship on Irish music, and especially on Ireland's tradition of western art music. This will be the first international conference devoted exclusively to the subject of Irish music and musicians and will present a unique opportunity for researchers in the field to meet at an international scholarly forum. The keynote speakers will include Nicholas Temperley, Professor Emeritus of Musicology at the University of Illinois, and Harry White, Professor of Music at University College, Dublin

Proposals are invited for individual papers, lecture-recitals and panels on topics pertaining to Irish music and musicians of all historical periods from prehistory to the present. 

While the primary focus of the conference will naturally be on the development of music in Ireland, important subsidiary themes will include:
* the contribution of Irish musicians to musical life in Britain and elsewhere
* the contribution of foreign musicians to the development of musical life in Ireland
* foreign musicians (such as Arnold Bax, E. J. Moeran or Patrick Hadley) who had close links with Ireland. 

The conference will also feature a special session commemorating the eminent Irish composer, musicologist and educator Aloys Fleischmann (1910-1992), marking the centenary of his birth in 1910. 

Proposals should be submitted in the form of an abstract of 250 words or less, accompanied by the following:
--a professional résumé of approximately 100 words
--information concerning institutional affiliation
--contact details

All proposals should be submitted no later than 1 December 2009 by email to Dr Patrick Zuk (patrick.zuk at, who will also be happy to assist with informal enquiries. Applicants will be notified of the conference committee's decision concerning the final selection of papers in mid-January 2010. 

Further details can be found on the conference website at

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