Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pre-Pub Announcement: Music and Dictatorship in Europe and Latin America (Brepols Publishers)


Music and Dictatorship in Europe and Latin America
Edited by Roberto Illiano and Massimiliano Sala
approx. 700 p., 210 x 270 mm, HB, ISBN 978-2-503-52779-6, EUR 125
Special pre-publication price: €105 valid until 31 October 2009
Series: Speculum musicae, vol. 14
Publication date: November 2009

An illustration of Benito Mussolini on the cover of the official hymn of the National Fascist Party, "Giovinezza!" ("Youth!") from 'Music and Dictatorship in Europe and Latin America'

'In this book, edited by Roberto Illiano and Massimiliano Sala, the music is explored as a political phenomenon in fifteenth nations under totalitarian regimes: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, and Hungary. Historical and aesthetical articles face both individual people (for instance, Chavez, Ligeti, Massarani or Villa-Lobos) as well whole generations of composers operating under dictatorship (for example, in the communist regimes of Poland and Serbia; in France under Vichy; in Franco’s Spain, Salazar’s Portugal, or in Revolutionary Cuba).'

An excerpt of Butterman's essay, '«Ney é gay, não é?» The Emergence and Performance of Queer Identities in Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) under Dictatorship'



France: M. Chimènes, Musique et musiciens en France sous le régime de Vichy (1940-1944) - Greece: K. Romanou, Exchanging «Rings» under Dictatorships - Germany: N. Noeske & M. Tischer, Eine viel zu kurze Geschichte der Musikverhältnisse der DDR - Germany: K. Painter, Musical Aesthetics and National Socialism - Germany: M.-A. Roberge, L’impact des guerres mondiales et de la dictature nazie sur le périodique «Die Musik» - Italy: C. Piccardi, La parabola Renzo Massarani, compositore ebreo nell’ombra del fascismo - Poland: A. Tuchowski, The Impact of the Communist Dictatorship and Its Transformations on the Identity of Polish Music in the Years 1945-1989 - Portugal: T. Cascudo, Art Music in Portugal during the Estado Novo - Russia: C. Flamm, Das Problem sowjetische Musikgeschichte. Gedanken zu einer schwierigen Vergangenheitsbewältigung - Russia: M. Frolova-Walker, The Glib, the Bland, and the Corny: An Aesthetics of Socialist Realism - Serbia: M. Milin: Dictatorship and Serbian Music in the 20th-Century - Spain: G. Perez Zalduondo, Formulación, fracaso y despertar de la conciencia crítica en la música española durante el franquismo (1936-1958) - Hungary: R. Beckles Willson, Memory, Dictatorship, and Trauma: Ligeti at the Hungarian Musicians’ Union 1949-1953


Argentina: P. Vila, Tiempos difíciles, tiempos creativos: rock y dictadura en Argentina - Brazil: D. Borim, Tropicalist Mutantes: Dada and Kitsch under Dictatorship - Brazil: S. Butterman, «Ney é gay, não é?» The Emergence and Performance of Queer Identities in Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) under Dictatorship - Brazil: R. Duprat & M. A. Volpe, Vanguardas e Posturas de Esquerda na Música Brasileira (1920 a 1970) - Brazil: T. Garcia, Music and the Brazilian Estado Novo: Getúlio Vargas, Heitor Villa-Lobos and a National Music Education System - Brazil: M. Napolitano, O Música Popular Brasileira (MPB) nos anos de chumbo do regime militar (1969/1975) - Cuba: S. Münz, Popular Political Music in Revolutionary Cuba - Chile: D. Perry, Beyond ‘Protest Song’: Popular Music in Pinochet’s Chile (1973-1990) - Mexico: L. Velasco Pufleau, Nacionalismo, autoritarismo y construcción cultural: Carlos Chavez y la creación musical en México (1921-1952)

An excerpt from Garcia's essay 'Music and the Brazilian Estado Novo: Getúlio Vargas, Heitor Villa-Lobos and a National Music Education System'

All images are acknowledged with thanks and used with permission of Brepols Publishers. For further information on this title or others in the Speculum Musicae Series click here. For my £0.02 I think the Speculum Series covers many interesting and neglected areas of musicological research. For example, there are many books which explore Italian musics of Tuscany and Sicily but not so many which cover the centre of Italy. Ciliberti's 'Musica e societa in Umbria tra Medioevo e Rinascimento (Vol. 5 in the series) attempts to put Umbria on the musicological map. Also, this book furthers Illiano's earlier set of essays on 'Italian Music during the Fascist Period' (vol. 10 in the series) by expanding the areas studying fascism's influence into other parts of Europe and also Latin America demonstrating that an ocean can not divide the dissemination of ideas. I for one will be buying this for our library collection.


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