Monday, 24 August 2009

Grant/Fellowship: Audio-Visual Grant Opportunity (Society for American Music)


The Society for American Music invites applications for a grant to support publication of non-print materials dealing with American music. Projects should further the Society’s goals which are “to stimulate the appreciation, performance, creation and study of American musics of all eras and in all their diversity, including the full range of activities and institutions associated with these musics throughout the world.” Projects supported in the past have included CDs (both standalone and accompanying a book), a website and a film, but may also include DVDs, radio programs, or other audio-visual projects.

Grants are announced at the society’s conference in the spring, the next being March 2010, and are generally for a maximum of $700-$800. The deadline for applications for the 2010 award is November 15, 2009.

Applications may be made by performers, editors or producers, and should include the following:
1. Full contact information.
2. An abstract of no more than 500 words describing the project and its contribution to American music.
3. A brief statement about publication and distribution plans.
4. A financial statement explaining the expenses to which the grant would be applied.
5. A brief resume or curriculum vitae.
6. DO NOT send a sound recording or sample video with the initial application.

More information may be found at the society’s website,

Applications should be sent to:
Tim Brooks
Chair, Sight & Sound Subvention Committee, Society for American Music
tim at or P.O. Box 31041, Glenville Stn., Greenwich, CT 06831

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