Tuesday, 10 February 2009

CFP: Second Viennese School and Early Music: International Symposium (Vienna)

8 - 10 OCTOBER 2009

If “early music revival” and “Second Viennese School” have any relation to each other at all, it seems to be a marginal one that will just scarcely come to mind. Yet there are several interrelations, which up to now have been examined sketchily at best. Examples include the contacts between Schönberg’s circle and Viennese Musicology as represented by Guido Adler and the well-known key-position of Bach’s music in the Second Viennese School’s theory and practice. It is thus the aim of this symposium to take a first step towards a systematic evaluation and contextualization of the role, music from up to Haydn’s time played within the Second Viennese School.

Thereby some general questions arise in the first place:

Did the Viennese School adhere to a (speficic) concept of “early music?” - Who were the protagonists involved in the rediscovery of “early music“, for what reasons, motives and in which guises? Did the approach to “early music” differ from that to music seen as part of the traditional canon? – What is the difference between the Viennese School and other groups/movements in terms of their involvement with “early music”?

Papers submitted to this symposium should not ignore the broader contexts to enable an approach as fundamental as possible even when dealing with case studies or specialized topics.

Aspects which could be taken under consideration are :

--the notion of history in the “Second Viennese School”
--elements of early music in compositional thought and practice
--the Viennese School and contemporary early music-activities
--the Viennese School and Viennese Musicology
--“the case of Bach”
--the Viennese School and traditional/popular music (insofar as this was considered equivalent to “early music”)
--early music in theory and practice of composition
--early music as a (special) part of theory and practice of musical performance

Please send your submission (title and abstract) no later than April 30, 2009 to: grassl at mdw.ac.at or szabo-knotik at mdw.ac.at

The conference is organized in cooperation with the International Arnold Schoenberg Centre Vienna by:
Markus Grassl, Reinhard Kapp, Cornelia Szabó-Knotik
Institut für Analyse, Theorie und Geschichte der Musik
Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien
1030 Wien, Anton-von-Webern Platz 1

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