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CFP: Liszt and France Interdisciplinary Conference (Villecroze and Paris)

15 - 19 MARCH 2011

Organized by the Académie musicale de Villecroze (Provence) and the Cité de la Musique (Paris) for the bicentenary of Liszt's birth

Conference coordinators: Nicolas Dufetel, Malou Haine and Orhan Memed

From 1823 to 1844, Franz Liszt stayed mainly in France, despite his European concert tours that began in the late 1830's. Thereafter, many ties bound him to France, even if his career drove him far from the country. While it is important to recall the various evidences of Liszt's attachment to most European nations, France played a key role in his education, in his oeuvre, and in the development of his international career.

Liszt's relations with France have never been studied in a systematic and epistemological manner. Whether at historical, musical or aesthetic levels, many shadows remain. Several areas of research are waiting to be investigated and others are still to be uncovered. Liszt's relations with personalities and French current events should be examined further since this subject has often been limited to superficial documentary studies. We must enhance our perception of Liszt's relationship with French personalities and deepen our understanding of social networks (artists, politics, piano makers, publishers, etc.). It is also necessary to think through what the music of Liszt owes to France or to the "French spirit" as seen from the country, or from abroad, whether concerning musical language, or musical forms, aesthetics, etc.

This call for papers is intended to seek studies meeting two fundamental criteria, both deeply connected to each other: research that breaks new ground and source material. The papers, in French or English, should be motivated by those two issues and focused on topics in relation to France. They aim to open up widely on other subjects: literature, history of arts, aesthetics, political and social sciences, history of ideas, etc.

Proposals for papers will be anonymously submitted to the Scientific Committee, composed of specialists from several countries, who will judge them on the basis of fulfillment with all criteria specified above. The applications must be returned by June, 1st, 2009 (see the complete version of the call for papers: The selection notice will be sent to the selected speakers on 15 October 2009.

The cost of round trip between the lecturer's residence and the conference centre will be paid by the organizers, provided that the speaker agrees to submit by 30 June 2011 the text of his paper for the publication of the proceedings.

Complete version of the call for papers:

Contact information: dufetel.nicolas at

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