Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sounds of Stonehenge: Upcoming Workshop (Bristol)

A one-day workshop at the Department of Music, Bristol University, in association with CHOMBEC (Centre for the History Of Music in Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth).
11.30-16.00 hrs

Fee: £22 (coffee, lunch and tea provided).

Friends of CHOMBEC: £12

Coffee from 1100; lunch at 1300; tea at 1600

To book: phone 0117 954 5032 or email, stating any dietary restrictions.

Book by 20 November.

Hardy’s Tess encounters it unseen, as nocturnal sound, the humming of an aeolian harp. What other soundscapes has Stonehenge generated, suggested or inspired in the 5000 years since construction began? Come to this workshop and explore the cultural history of Stonehenge, from the acoustics and musical instruments of Neolithic England to the representation of megaliths in 20th-century British art music, Stonehenge’s film music, and its rock music - in the most recent sense. The following speakers will contribute:

• Ronald Hutton: ‘The cultural history of Stonehenge’.

• Tim Darvill: ‘Stonehenge in rock’.

• Aaron Watson and John Crewdson: ‘Instruments of ritual’, a multimedia presentation of music and visuals.

• Simon Wyatt: ‘Soul music: instruments in an animistic age’.

• Guido Heldt: ‘Stonehenge and its film music’.

• Stephen Banfield: ‘Megaliths in 20th-century English art music’.

• Joshua Pollard: ‘Stonehenge: notes towards an acoustic archaeology’.

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