Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Documenting Practices (Upcoming exhibiton - CSSD)

6 - 7 NOVEMBER 2008

Documenting Practices is an exhibition sampling different approaches to documenting theatre and diverse models of documenting. An afternoon of round table discussions addresses issues and practices.

The exhibition features four broad thematic areas.

- Archiving the performance

Includes materials from the Cameron Mackintosh archive, the LIFT Living Archive, the National Theatre digital archive, the Rambert archive and the V&A’s National Video Archive of Performance

- Documentation by theatre practitioners in the process of making productions

Includes drawings by Rae Smith for War Horse, video design storyboards by mesmer, sound design documentation by Gareth Fry, and benesh movement notation from early Rambert productions

- Documentation by way of artistic interpretation

Includes drawings by Quentin Blake and Jane Heather, books by Ernst Fischer, photographs by Manuel Vason

- Diverse modes of documenting new theatre

Includes examples that document experimental pieces by Central practitioners

A symposium on the afternoon of Thursday 6 November at 3.00pm addresses the following topics:

Documenting and archiving theatre in the digital age

Panellists include representatives from the Theatre Collections (V&A), National Theatre Archive, Royal Opera House New Media Department, Musicians’ Union and arts & media lawyer Sean Egan. The panel will address the range of digital forms of documentation and their related costs; the growing interest in streaming performances online and the use of podcasts and clips; and issues of intellectual property and copyright.

Theatre practitioners on documenting practices

Panellists include Rae Smith (designer), Mervyn Millar (associate director/writer), Gareth Fry (sound designer), Sven Ortel (video designer and co-director of mesmer) and David Harradine (designer/director). The panel will address how and why they document, the problems they face, solutions they find and costs they encounter.

Thur 6 Nov (exhibition, symposium, reception), 1.30-8.00pm
Fri 7 Nov (exhibition only), 10.00am-7.00pm
Admission is free. To reserve a place at the symposium, contact cett@cssd.ac.uk (020 7449 1571)

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