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CFP: The Musical Body: Gesture, representation and ergonomics in performance (IMR)

22 - 24 APRIL 2009

Institute of Musical Research, in association with the Open University, the University of Durham and the Orpheus Instituut, Gent, the University of Sussex, the Royal College of Music and the IMR Music & Science group

London: Senate House, and the Royal College of Music, 22-24 April 2009

The aim of this interdisciplinary conference is to bring together researchers from widely divergent fields to share perspectives on the physicality of performance, and its visual representation, in musics of all kinds. From connections between musical performance and health, and musical performance as dance, to representations of the ‘ideal’ posture in historical treatises and the lampooning of soloists in caricature, the conference will explore the ways in which music and the body interact, both with ease (such as where composition or improvisation are explicitly ergonomic) and in tension (where physical strain is etched into a musical composition or acts as a marker of authenticity in a performance style). Finally, it is pertinent to consider those areas in which physical ease in performance is either obstructed (eg. via performance anxiety) or results from the creative adaptation of standard practices (eg. as a response to disability).

Sessions will be built around themes, with presentations grouped as far as possible in ways that bring together a variety of historical and generic areas of study. The following list of themes and topics is indicative only:

* Music and health
* Iconographical representation
* History of performance style
* Organology
* Dance and theatricality
* The boundaries of the idiomatic and the ergonomic in composition
* Entrainment, ensembles and community
* Gesture and embodied cognition
* Stage presence and performance anxiety

Keynote speakers will include Rolf Inge Godøy (Director of the Musical Gestures Project, University of Oslo) and Richard Leppert (Regents Professor, Department of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature, University of Minnesota)

Proposals are invited for the following:
20-minute papers
30-minute lecture-recitals

For either category, please submit a 300-word abstract (authors of successful abstracts will be given an opportunity to edit their work before publication in the programme booket). Please submit by email, in an attachment including your full name and contact details, to the IMR Administrator Mrs Valerie James, at Proposals will be anonymised before consideration by the Programme Committee. Deadline: 30 November 2008

Results will be announced in late December, with a provisional programme available from January 2009.

Programme committee:
Katharine Ellis (IMR)
Martin Clayton (Open University)
Mieko Kanno (Durham University; Orpheus Instituut, Gent)
Nicholas Till (University of Sussex)
Aaron Williamon (Royal College of Music; IMR Music & Science Group)

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