Tuesday, 6 October 2009

CFP: 40th Ballad Conference (Netherlands)

5 - 10 JULY 2010

The 40th International Ballad Conference of the Kommission für Volksdichtung is to be held in Amsterdam and Terschelling (Netherlands). The conference is being hosted by the Meertens Institute, Amsterdam.

Ballad conferences are open to ethnologists, (ethno-)musicologists, literary historians and other scholars. The main theme of this conference is WATER. We welcome papers on maritime, coastal and insular music cultures, shanties and other songs of sailors and fishermen, ballads about the sea, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, sources and fountains, rain and draught, beaches, banks and bridges, swimming, shipwrecks, drowning, floods, fishes, sea monsters, mermaids etc. Other possible issues include performance, literacy vs. orality, language and identity, and ballad history, preferably in connection with the main theme.

Papers will be limited to 20 minutes. Abstracts of up to 300 words, together with requests for technical equipment, should be submitted by 4 JANUARY 2010 to prof. dr Louis Peter Grijp. The author’s address, affiliation and contact details should be clearly stated, together with a brief account of the author’s career and research interests.

For further information, contact the Conference Organisers:
prof. dr Louis Peter Grijp (+ 31 20 4628536, louis.grijp at meertens.knaw.nl, drs Martine de Bruin (+31 20 4628513, martine.de.bruin@meertens. knaw.nl) and Marieke Lefeber MA (+31 20 4628579, marieke.lefeber at meertens.knaw.nl)
P.O. Box 94264, NL-1090 GG Amsterdam, Fax + 31 20 4628555
Joan Muyskenweg 25, NL-1096 CJ Amsterdam
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