Friday, 17 April 2009

Post-Doc Opportunity: Musicology of Contemporary Techniques (IRCAM)


The Analysis of Musical Practices Research Group, IRCAM-CNRS, is pleased to announce a 18-months ANR Post-Doctoral Fellowship, to begin in September 2009. We seek scholars in the early stages of their academic careers whose research will contribute to our multidisciplinary project « Musicology of Contemporary Compositional Techniques », led by IRCAM in collaboration with University of Lille-3, Technological University of Troyes and the Geneva Conservatory.

The researcher will be involved in a collective work program which aims at a better understanding of the techniques, methods or logic of composition at stake in art music from the last 50 years. S/he will be based at IRCAM, APM (see

His/her twofold contribution will be: (1) an in-depth study of the creative process of a significant new music composer between the years 1948-78, based on a corpus which includes sketches, manuscripts, correspondence and/or any other traces of the activity of composition; 2) participation in a study led by a member of APM about an ongoing creative process, based on interviews with the composer.

As regards (1), the researcher will propose one (or more) plausible material(s) to investigate, be it or not as a pursuit of her/his past research. The creative process at stake should become part of the whole project that integrates various other studies (see, each of these dealing with a creative process that implements a specific technique, technology or constraint in addition to the standard tools and resources used by the composer considered. Method of data analysis might take inspiration from "genetic criticism" (sketch studies), music analysis, human sciences, social sciences.

The researcher will contribute internal seminars as well as a symposium during the Fellowship. Two articles will be submitted to peer-reviewed journals at the final stage of the Fellowship. The researcher may contribute the final publication gathering every major output of the whole project.

Musical and musicological skills are required (historical musicology and/or ethnomusicology and/or music theory & analysis).
Experience in (musical) sketch studies is highly valued. Experience in sketch studies from other fields would be taken in consideration.
Experience in psychological and/or ethnological and/or sociological research would be valued.
Skills in computer music and/or multimedia technologies would be appreciated.

Although French-speaking ability might certainly prove necessary in the course of the work, it is not a sine qua non requirement for this application. Others languages involved in the project-not to mention English-are Italian and German.

The Fellowship will bring a salary of E 2379 per month.

A letter of application should be accompanied by:
(1) A statement of research for the Fellowship period (up to 1500 words)
(2) A curriculum vitae
(3) One sample of work (an article, a book, a dissertation chapter, or so)

After initial review, the committee may request further written material from applicants.

Applications must be received by 31 May 2009. Send applications to:
Nicolas Donin
1, pl. Igor-Stravinsky
F-75004 PARIS

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