Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Fully Funded Visiting Research Studentships Available (Open University)


Four fully funded places for three-month Visiting Research Studentships, available immediately at the Music Computing Lab at the Open University.

Up to four fully funded places for three-month Visiting Research Students are immediately available at the Music Computing Lab at the Open University. The projects will be undertaken in collaboration with the Pervasive Interaction Lab. You must be an EU or UK National. Prospective students could be excellent final year undergraduates, Masters students, or PhD students, or could have recently completed any of these awards.

You must be available to start in May 2009. Broadly, we are interested in candidates with experience in HCI, Pervasive Interaction, Music Computing or Haptics.

We welcome recommendations for likely candidates from researchers or teachers from relevant disciplines in university departments. Students or recent students are equally welcome to apply on their own behalf.

Visiting students will work on predefined research projects as summarized below.

The studentships are available to start from 1st May (with a small amount of flexibility). The studentships will run until 31st July, although in an exceptional case a studentship might be extended by a few weeks.

Students will be based at the Open University Campus in Milton Keynes. We will pay for accommodation in Milton Keynes plus living expenses. We can also cover reasonable travel expenses at the start and finish of the studentship.

Project Area 1
Music Computing and Pervasive Interaction: Implementation

1.1 Multi-touch shared tabletop interaction in Music Computing
1.2 Haptics and force feedback in Music Computing
1.3 Expressive, interactive animated graphics for Music Computing tools
1.4 Tangible, embedded, and whole body Music Computing
1.5 New tools for supporting beginning String Players

Project Area 2
Music Computing and Pervasive Interaction: Evaluation
The purpose of this family of projects is to assist in carrying out user studies and other
kinds of evaluation of new tools for music performance, composition and education.

Project Area 3
Exploratory Music programming for the iPhone.

Project Area 4
Collaborative creativity between professional musician(s), and the general public
This project involves assisting in the design, implementation and evaluation of tools to
support collaborative creativity between professional musician(s), and the general public.
This work is likely to involve a Multi-touch shared tabletop interface.

For full details and more information on the projects, contact Applications should also be sent to this address. Informal enquiries for projects 1-3 should be sent to s.holland (insert here) For details of projects 1 and 2 also contact j.vanderlinden. For project 3, also contact r.w.griffiths. The contact for project 4 is r.c.laney. (All addresses are

Applications should include a CV and covering note that summarizes
• evidence of appropriate knowledge, skills and experience for the specific studentship,
• why you want to undertake this particular studentship,
• why you think you would be a good candidate,
• telephone, email and postal contact details for two referees, at least one of whom must be able to comment on subject discipline specifics.

This is an opportunity to gain experience on practical projects run in collaboration between the Music Computing Lab and the Pervasive Interaction Lab. Each project is intended to lead to a publication with the student as co-author.

Dr. Simon Holland
Director of Music Computing Lab
Department of Computing
Faculty of Mathematics and Computing
The Open University
Milton Keynes

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