Friday, 19 June 2009

CFP: Rush and Philosophy (Journal)


We are looking for short articles (of around twenty pages) to add to this proposed anthology for the series that began with "Seinfeld and Philosophy" (2000), but since 2005 has also included a number of music-related books.

Writers in philosophy, musicology, music theory, American studies,economics, and psychology have already committed to "Rush and Philosophy," and they are exploring various areas from across Rush's career (1974- ). However, possible areas of interest for additional articles include: balance through instrumental "songs," humour, and recent "sightings" of the band in the mainstream media, as well as participation in roundtables concerning music technology and rock critics. Contributions from women, minorities, and people from outside of North America are most welcome!

Deadline for one-page abstracts: July 19, 2009
Deadline for completed first-drafts: August 31, 2009

Please send to Durrell Bowman and Jim Berti: db at; koors58 at

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