Monday, 9 March 2009

CFP: Politics of Opera Symposium (Oxford)


We are hoping to organise another one-day "Politics of Opera" colloquium in Oxford later this year. It will probably be at the beginning of October, and at the Taylorian Institution again. As
before, our aim is to bring together scholars in the humanities (in particular musicologists, historians and modern linguists) to discuss questions pertaining to the patronage, production, performance, reception, and ideology of opera in an informal and interdisciplinary
environment, and to continue building a community of scholars working in different areas of opera in order to forge connections and further research.

We'd therefore be very grateful to receive proposals for papers drawing on your current research so that we can begin thinking about a possible theme for the colloquium this year. And please forward this message to any other scholars (including graduate students), whom you
think might be interested in becoming involved.

For details about the 2009 colloqium, see:

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