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CFP: The Nu-Romantic: Revealing the Developing Artistic Milieu in Film, Theatre & Television (Reading)

17 APRIL 2009

Romanticism was a cultural landscape characterised by the eternal oscillation between a ‘modern’ enthusiasm that had failed and a ‘postmodern’ irony that would soon falter. Now, years later, another scene marked by oscillations is taking shape.

Under the name of Nu-Romanticism (‘naked’ Romanticism) JAM 2009 aims to initiate a mapping of this evolving landscape. It offers a chance to explore and define the new forms of thought, conception and creation that follow the established pattern of Romanticism. We look to current theory and critical practice within Film, Theatre and Television to reveal new forms of oscillation, be they between Aesthetic and Narrative, between Spectatorship and Performativity, between the Sublime and melancholy, hope and failure.

JAM 2009, the seventh annual conference for postgraduates run by postgraduates at the Department of Film, Theatre & Television, welcomes proposals that investigate, question or put pressure on the notion of a re-emerging Romanticism within film, theatre and television. We invite postgraduates to consider the concept of a new or renewed Romanticism in relation to the following areas of discussion:

• Aesthetics
• Genre
• Form vis-à-vis Content
• Narrative
• Space, Place and Landscape
• Representation
• Spectatorship and Social Relevance
• Performance and Performativity
• Medium Specificity
• Postgraduate Practice
• New Technologies

CALL FOR PAPERS deadline: Friday 30th January 2009 Please send a 250-word proposal and a 100-word biographical note to Tim Vermeulen, Harper Ray and Reina-Marie Loader at

Journeys Across Media (JAM) is an annual one-day interdisciplinary conference organised by and for postgraduate students. It provides a discussion forum for current and developing research in film, theatre, television and ‘new media’. Previous delegates have welcomed the opportunity to gain experience of presenting their work, at different stages of development, in the active, friendly and supportive research environment of Film, Theatre & Television at the University of Reading. Non-presenting delegates are also very welcome. Supported by the Standing Committee of University Drama Departments (SCUDD) and the Graduate School in Arts and Humanities, University of Reading.

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