Thursday, 18 September 2008

No Drama just an Induction

I had a truly delightful time today doing an Induction for PGCE Drama students of the Central School of Speech and Drama. (I hope I didn't bore them to death!) It gave me a chance to test out some of the Web 2.0 applications firsthand with a group of students. I spent the first half talking about the traditional caveats to searching library resources, toggling between windows to demonstrate active searches in particular resources. From that foundation I went on to describe the shift in usage of the web and technology and how this can inform academic research.

Looking back at it I realise that my statement that 'everything I just said half an hour ago on controlled vocabulary now goes out the window' really drives home how much information management and literacy has shifted in the last few years with these social networking tools. For me, it seemed to be like Pigafetta's descriptive chronicles five centuries ago detailing and refining the edges of the map and conceptions of Magellan's world. In spite of time's travels, librarians are exploring anew in that area along the burnt edges of today's information map. Hopefully it will be as revolutionary a discovery as it was centuries earlier!

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